4.3BSD-Quasijarus0 was released on 1998-12-27.

This release exists only as a historical artifact (see Quasijarus Project History). It is practically unusable. Use 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c instead. For anyone currently running 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0 the upgrade to 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c is MANDATORY.

4.3BSD-Quasijarus0 and 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0a contain a serious bug in c2, the peephole optimiser, which causes it under certain circumstances to throw out instructions loading registers which are later used in deferred or indexed addressing modes. The resulting misoptimised code thus dereferences bogus addresses, dumping core or even worse, behaving unpredictably. Since all system binaries are compiled with -O this potentially affects every binary in the system. This bug has been fixed in 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0b.

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Michael Sokolov